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Monitor Prometheus alerts with Alertmonitor

Alertmonitor is a graphical web interface for displaying alerts from Prometheus monitoring system. Alerts may be enriched with additional labels to get most info from Alertmonitor. Clear events are automatically correlated with raised alerts to assure up-to-date state of monitored objects.

  • Web Graphical User Interface
  • Supports Prometheus alerts
  • Enrich alerts with additional labels
  • Filtering alerts by tags
  • Aggregating alerts by targets
  • Automatic alarm-clear correlation
  • Active alerts view
  • Metrics

Monitor events and logs with Eventlogger

Eventlogger is a collector of logs and events. It listens for incoming HTTP requests. When event is received on specific endpoint, it is processed (parsed) accordingly.

  • Web Graphical User Interface
  • Supports syslog events (via fluentd or fluent-bit)
  • Supports tailing logs (via fluentd or fluent-bit)
  • Supports custom events (GET or POST method)
  • Store, search and filter logs
  • Convert events to alarms or metrics
  • Customized event rules
  • Metrics

simple-logger for Java

simple-logger is logger utility for Java. It does not need any configuration files. All parameters can be set directly from the code. simple-logger provides six standard logging levels: TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR and FATAL. simple-logger supports file-rolling; max file size and number of backups are configurable.


FtpSync is a utility that synchronizes your local directory with remote directory via FTP.


Stickies is small web application which stores stickies - short notes. Search for friends and share stickies with them or send stickies by e-mail.


Flip-Flop is a brain storming game. It is very easy to understand, so anybody capable of operating with mouse can play. The goal is to color all balls to the same color by clicking on them, but there is a trick: every time you click on the ball, all balls in the same row and column change their color as well.
The game is solvable.


OpenMp3Player is an application for playing mp3 files. It is running on Apache Tomcat web server and provides access to player through web browser. It features:

  • Web User Interface
  • Playlists
  • Playing queue
  • Custom tags for songs
  • Command Line Interface


TimeTest application converts milliseconds to date format. Enter time in milliseconds since last epoch (1. january 1970), click Calculate button and see the formatted date. Or just display current time in milliseconds.


There are zillion 'Search this and that' applications available on the net, but none like FamEx. FamEx is small and handy application for searching multiple words in multiple files. FamEx offers more search criteria, including regular expressions.


RssUtil is a PHP library, which helps generate RSS contents. Any data on web page can be used in RSS. With RssUtil you create new instances of Rss, Channel and Item objects. At the end pack and wrap data into XML with RSS contents and use it to feed your web page with RSS.